As life expectancy increases, we have to address the fact that our teeth were not designed to last forever. Problems like dental erosion, fracturing of teeth and tooth loss are all more likely to occur as you age.

Tooth loss is not uncommon. Millions of people have had their lives transformed by dental implants, and that number is expected to increase by about half a million people each year.

Even though they have been used for decades, there are still some misconceptions about what dental implants are and how they actually work.

Restoring your smile after tooth loss

It is absolutely imperative that you are informed about all your options for tooth replacement before deciding on a particular tooth replacement solution.

Here are our top three facts you should know before making a decision about implants:

  1. Dental implants are a single-tooth solution to a single-tooth problem. Unlike a dental bridge, where we have to remove natural tooth structure, a single implant can be restored with a porcelain dental crown, leaving neighbouring teeth intact and unharmed.
  2. Unlike other types of tooth replacement like bridges or dentures, a dental implant is surgically placed in your jaw. After healing, it mimics the form, function, appearance, and stability of a natural tooth
  3. While a single crown is the most typical restoration for an implant, we can also place them at strategic points in your jaw to stabilise bridges and partial or complete dentures.