In Short: We take into consideration the mouth-body relationship.

Long answer: We understand that the mouth does not exist in isolation and that the procedures we perform on your teeth will ultimately have lasting effects on the rest of your body.

We also understand that what happens in your body, whether positive or negative, will have serious effects in your mouth. This is sometimes generally considered the “Mouth-Body Connection.”

Because of our detailed understanding of this concept, we religiously allocate sufficient time to sit down with our patients and gather as much information about their health as possible.

Not just their dental health, but their diet, their lifestyle, as well as their emotional well being. We take all of this information very seriously in order to determine the best approach for their dental health and overall well-being.

As holistic dentists, we avoid toxic dental appliances, cleaning materials and dental hygiene products that use toxic chemicals. Examples of these are mercury amalgam fillings, sealants with BPA and fluoride.

Our aim is to formulate treatment plans that encourage the use of safer, natural, less invasive and preventative measures first.

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