The short answer is they don’t want to give the impression of “a bargain deal at a clothing store”.

Treating your teeth is far more individualised and complicated.

One size does NOT fit all.

Here is the long answer: If you do obtain a quote over the phone, the prices given are usually for the most frequently prescribed general procedures.

However, during your initial exam, we may see something that would dictate the necessity of an alternative procedure and associated increased or decreased cost. So what you may see as an advanced OR simple procedure, may actually be complicated or simplified by other factors.

Most dentists in South Africa utilise a Universal “Dental Coding System ” with a cost assigned to each procedure, recommended and regulated by various associations and councils.

Between General Dentistry and Specialist Dentistry, there are several hundred procedure codes and assigned costs. So, unlike phoning your local pizza takeaway restaurant where a few questions and answers get you a price, there are questions neither you or the doctor can answer until he/she performs an examination and x-ray.

Hence prices are tenuous, and often seen as a risky thing, to quote over the phone as we all expect business to honour a telephonic quote.

At Redefine Dental, we offer reasonable consult and x-ray fees and will explain all options and costs before performing any treatment.